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Lauren Bareiss, owner of Saddleback Photography

I am Lauren Bareiss.
I am Saddleback Photo.

Sharing little pieces of the world with those who can’t see these beautiful spots for themselves!

For the last eight years I have always had a camera in my bag. I am a Michigander born and raised. Originally from Lower Michigan, I am currently in the Upper Peninsula where I live, work, and play! I moved to attend Northern Michigan University, studying photography and graphic design and have been here since!

Before moving to Marquette, I completed two years at Albion College where I studied Environmental Science. Taking a break from school, I moved out to Colorado and then South Dakota to follow my passion, horses. While enduring the Wild, Wild West, I decided I wanted horses to remain a passion, not a job. I moved back to Lower Michigan where I picked up a camera to combine my love for photography and horses.

After moving to the U.P. I feel in love with landscape photography and exploring the natural beauty that surrounded me.

I’m an outdoor loving, photograph taking, PC game playing girl who loves food, traveling, horses, and good beer. If I’m not out shooting, I am probably at home gaming or hanging out with my three year old tabby cat, Simon.

I shoot with a Nikon D750 (Full Frame) DSLR camera and 16-35mm Nikkor & 28-300mm Nikkor lenses.

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