Marquette, MI  –  April 23, 2016  –  Today I received a brand new 20″x30″ print of a horse we photographed during the the Midwest Horses Fair. This photo of the Cremello stud was a spur of the moment catch! While at the horse fair  my friends and I wandered down “Stallion Alley” and there he was! This handsome creme colored stallion was standing in the back of his dark stall looking absolutely bored. Slipping my camera lens in between the bars of the stall, he quickly become interested in what I was doing. It seemed like something clicked for him and he knew to pose. He stood there, perfectly still, almost waiting for me to hold down the shutter.

All I got was this one photo before he came closer to greet me, but in this case, one is definitely enough!

The print came out amazing thanks to Nations Photo Lab! I put the image in a simple sleek black frame and it’s ready for the wall.

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